Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Historic Wilmington Foundation Awards

Suzanne Stanley & Libby Beccarino

A big CONGRATULATIONS to Libby & Maureen Beccarino and Suzanne Stanley for winning awards at the recent Historic Wilmington Foundation Award Ceremony!

PBC is pleased to announce that we were the General Contractor on two projects completed this year that were recipients of awards from the Historic Wilmington Foundation!

Libby and Maureen Beccarino, in addition to managing the Renovation Division, also develop infill lots in the Historic District of Wilmington. Suzanne Stanley owns a home on 224 North 7th Street which had recently experienced a devastating fire deeming the house "totaled" by the insurance company. PBC was pleased to be the contractor on both of these projects!

Libby & Maureen have built 18 new homes in the Historic District over the past six years. By building on vacant lots that have been abandoned for years, the Beccarinos have slowly started transforming neighborhoods with homes that fit seamlessly with the surrounding houses.

Suzanne Stanley is considered by many to be the downtown neighborhood historian! Her house on 7th Street was built in the mid 1800's and was the home to Eli Whitney's son. After a fire destroyed the structure last year, Suzanne & PBC worked together to figure out how to not only save the home but bring it back to its former glory. The project has a happy ending with a beautifully restored home thanks in part to Suzanne's determination to not let a bad situation destroy a piece of history.

We want to congratulate both Suzanne and the Beccarinos on their awards and thank them for teaming up with Plantation Building Corp to achieve this recognition!

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